NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Sales · Brooklyn, New York
Department Sales
Employment Type Part-Time
Compensation $15-$75 per hour depending on location

As a Certified Personal Trainer at Pongo Power, you will be providing the leading exercise science techniques and program design to our clients.  Program design at Pongo Power is based upon the fundamental principles of movement and sports science. 

As a personal trainer at Pongo Power, you’ll be learning and applying professional skills and practices that are necessary to be an elite and master personal trainer. 

You’ll work with your fellow personal trainers, as a team, much like doctors work in a medical practice. This means that you’ll be learning how to verbally, and in writing, consult about the clients’ progress utilizing exercise and sports-specific terminology. You will be mastering the knowledge that is necessary to be an elite trainer regarding anatomy, physiology, metabolic conditions and movement science.

Your shifts at Pongo Power will have a specific start time and end time. You will clock in and clock out when you are working at Pongo Power. You are paid for each hour that you work at Pongo Power, even during your orientation and apprenticeship period. 

You’ll be working in a variety of environments: in-person, outdoors, and on zoom. Working from home is an advantage that zoom training offers.


  • Learn the foundation of the Pongo Power Personal Training Methodology (which is based on the core principles of NASM)
  • Learn about our products and how to close a sale (don’t worry, there’s training)
  • Until you are fully booked, prospect 1-2 hours per shift and book 4-8 Fitness Assessments per month (again, there’s training on this)
  • Once deemed fully prepared, you will be training both existing clientele and clientele you bring in through prospecting
  • Maintain the studio’s appearance through light daily cleaning and monitoring of equipment
  • Commit to a 15-30 hour per week schedule that is created based on both the studio’s needs and your availability
  • Collaborate with your fellow trainers on exercise science and programming. You will be programming for each of your clients, utilizing Pongo Power stabilization principles, known as Pongo Power 15-musts and the 17 Barefoot-musts. 
  • On occasion, contribute to our blog by writing pieces on topics you are passionate about and/or; contribute our Instagram with photo or video content (not mandatory but highly encouraged as it gives you exposure as an expert in the field of Personal Training)
  • Learn and implement our sales procedures so that you feel confident about selling personal training packages. Comfortability with selling personal training is a must as we are an ever-growing business. We provide you with all the tools and support necessary to be successful - just bring your willingness to learn!

Pay Description:

$15 for Trainer Administration

$25 for Personal Training Clients during your Apprenticeship Program*

*For Training: Once you’ve completed the apprentice program, you will be earning a commission-based pay wage. Raises are based on the ability to conduct the job responsibilities, in full. Commissions for conducting Personal Training Sessions are 30%, 35% or 40% of the payment for the hour. Please refer to Commission and Pay Rates for details. 


Mentorship from elite personal trainers

Bonus Pay for new business when you hit your monthly sales goal.

Bonuses for upgrades on existing business when you hit your goal. 

Benefits Plan for those working over 30 hours a week include corporate contribution to:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Health
  • 401K, Retirement Savings Plan 

More Perks:

Access to the best Personal Trainers in the industry

Healthy and positive environment, focused on balance and wellness

An outstanding team of dedicated professionals


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  • Location
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Compensation
    $15-$75 per hour depending on location